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  Applied Business Software, Inc., developers of, is a leading supplier of software to the lending industry. Since 1978, ABS has consistently kept abreast of the latest technology and applied that technology to address the needs of our customers. is just one example of how ABS customers derive maximum benefit from the use of our products. Powered by The Mortgage Office, ABS's suite of products for the lending industry, information resident in The Mortgage Office is easily uploaded to the Internet, allowing borrowers access to their vital information.

Borrowers benefit from the convenience of being able to monitor their loans at their leisure, by means of a familiar Internet-standard interface. Communications between the participating servicer and their borrowers is facilitated by means of messaging and announcements, all of which serve to enhance customer service.

Note: If you are a loan servicer, and would like to offer all of these conveniences to your borrowers, contact Applied Business Software, Inc. at 800.833.3343 or visit our website at for information about the products that feed

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